About us

"Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life."  

About Us

Madeira, founded in 2007, develops and provides data solutions. We specialize in database platforms and data related technologies, such as Hadoop, Vertica, SQL Server, Amazon RDS, Couchbase, Power BI and Machine Learning. Our solutions include things like: Database Managed Services, Data Architecture Review, Disaster Recovery Plan, BI Delivery, Performance Tuning and Optimization, Data Security Enforcement, and much more. We also provide professional services, including consulting, outsourcing, training and placement. Madeira is proud to recruit only the best and most experienced employees, and is committed to their full professional training. Our approach with our customers is to become their partners, to understand the business needs, and to work together in order to achieve the business goals. The company headquarters located in Israel. We have experience working with clients anywhere in the world.
We offer our customers a variety of first-class customized solutions to maximize their full business potential.


Our Vision

To Establish a Productive Environment

In Which Great People

Can Thrive, Prosper and Enjoy,

So That We Can Provide Technological Solutions

To Our Customers

And Help Them Achieve Their Goals

With the Highest Level of

Professionalism and Service