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From XML to JSON – script

Written By: Guy Glantser 28/02/2016

Last Thursday I presented my session “From XML to JSON” in the Application Development PASS Virtual Chapter. The session is about XML and JSON, two widely used markup languages, shared by many applications and data platforms. XML has been natively supported in SQL Server since 2005, and JSON is going to be supported in SQL Server 2016.

The session was 100% demo, in which I demonstrated how to use XML and JSON functionality in SQL Server in order to manipulate and transform data. I promised to share all the scripts I used in the demo, so here they are:

Download txt

XML to JSON Demo

One response to “From XML to JSON – script”

  1. Doron Grinzaig says:

    Hi Guy,

    I’ve watched the webinar, it was really nice, thank you.
    Regarding the lack of indexes for JSON values in SQL SERVER 2016, you probably want to see this:

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