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Hadoop Fundamentals – The Presentation

Written By: Guy Glantser 30/12/2015

Few days ago (28/12) I delivered a full-day seminar about Hadoop Fundamentals. It was part of the Expert Days 2015 event, which is running the whole week. The venue was… how should I put it? It was different… We spent the whole day in a VIP cinema hall, which was big and dark and weird… There were around 20 people, who were quite comfortable in their VIP seats, while I was presenting Hadoop on the (very) big screen.



I talked about big data in general and how Hadoop emerged as a platform for big data storage and computing. I explained and demonstrated the concepts of HDFS and MapReduce as well as the rich software that is part of the Hadoop ecosystem. I ended up the seminar with some tips and use cases for Hadoop.

I promised to upload the presentation, so here it is:

rar-download-109x109  hadoop-fundamentals-the-presentation 


rar-download-109x109  hadoop-fundamentals-introduction


I enjoyed the day very much. If you attended the seminar, then I hope you enjoyed it too (and not only the VIP seat).



If you have any questions about Hadoop or big data in general, then contact us, and we would love to help.

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2 responses to “Hadoop Fundamentals – The Presentation”

  1. Peter Kuzniewski says:

    Hi, Guy,

    I am trying to view your HADOOP Fundamentals Introduction and Presentation (from 28/12/2016, on your website), but the links appear to be broken:(
    Where can I download a copy of these?


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