Madeira Data Solutions

Your Data, Our Solutions

Guy Glantser

Founder & CEO

I founded Madeira in 2007 with a simple vision: to do something that I love and to enjoy every minute of it

Dikla Aviv

HR & Life Balance Manager

It is a great feeling to be working alongside such an awesome and inspiring team whose main purpose is to deliver expertise & excellence while having so much fun.

Nelly Ben-Tal

Marketing & Communications Manager

When I started at Madeira, I had no idea how fascinating my role would be.

Matan Yungman


I’m having a great time focusing on growth at Madeira. My work is split between growing the company and working with the team on all areas of professional development & expertise, the team’s joy and leading Madeira’s technology strategy.

Eitan Blumin

Data Superhero

Being a Data Expert in Madeira is pure fun and it’s always interesting. I enjoy learning something new every day, seeing different types of systems and applications, and using the wide array of MSSQL technologies to their full potential.

Rotem Meidan

Data Superhero

I love being a part of the Madeira family because I know I’m surrounded by the best, which pushes me and helps me be at my best.

Hila Bar

Data Superhero

I’ve always found it difficult to explain to people what my job title means. (“DB-What???”) It took me a while, but I finally found it. I am responsible for all the data that flows into and out of a company.

Noa Brodezky

Data Superhero

Working in the data sector is something that I love to do; there is always some new field to explore and something new to learn.

Omri Fadida

Data Superhero

For as long as I can remember, I was always fascinated and inspired by technology and especially gadgets. As a kid, my toys were computer parts

Idan Cohen

Data Superhero

Long before I achieved that title, however, I collected a experience in many different fields of computer science, starting when I was a teenager – developing, writing code, scripts, crawlers, hack websites, and developing my own website.