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MadeiraCUP – Madeira’s Cloud Backup Service

MadeiraCUP is our comprehensive BaaS (Backup-as-a-Service) solution. It is a hybrid solution for data backup, simple to deploy, easy to manage, and offers unlimited cloud storage.


MadeiraCUP is a managed service, designed to match any data environment, and enables any organization with cloud integrated end-to-end data protection. We offer the most reliable, comprehensive and affordable business data backup solution available today.

MadeiraCUP Features:

  • Backup strategy – The MadeiraCUP service begins with an analysis of your data environment and your business objectives by one of our data professionals. Based on this analysis, we will set up and configure the right backup strategy in order to meet your business RTO (Recovery Time Interval) and RPO (Recovery Point Interval). When we plan the backup strategy, we also take into account other factors, such as the storage costs and the overhead on your production environment. By leveraging our knowledge and experience in this field, we can plan and implement the best backup strategy for your business
  • Replication – We want to protect your data, and we take it seriously. In order to give you the best data protection, your backup files are replicated in 3 levels. First, backup files are stored locally in your data center in order to allow for fast backup operations, and more important, to allow for fast recovery. Then, the files are uploaded to the cloud asynchronously and stored in a designated isolated storage container in order to protect your business from a major disaster that results with a loss of your data center. In addition, every backup file in the cloud is also replicated up to 6 times across multiple regions in the world. So you’re protected even in the case of a complete regional outage.
  • Retention – An important part of the backup strategy is the retention policy. Backup files are kept as much as needed according to a configurable retention policy. This policy can be different for your local storage and for the cloud. For example, you can configure your local copy of the backup files to be kept for one week and the cloud copy of the files to be kept for 6 months.
  • Verification and Validation – Each backup file is checked for validity and consistency. We perform full restore operations in the background and check for data integrity as well. If a backup file is corrupted, we will know about it long before we need this backup for actual disaster recovery, and we can create another backup to replace the corrupted one. When recovery is required, we know that we can rely only on verified backup files.
  • Security – Backup files contain all of your data, and they should be very well secured. This is why we encrypt every backup file as soon as it is stored in your local data center. From that point, all the copies of your backup files, when stored in the cloud, and also when transferred through the network, are encrypted copies. The only time a backup file is decrypted is when it is restored locally in your data center.
  • Reporting and Analysis – All backup and recovery related operations are recorded for reporting and analysis. You can review and analyze information about your backup strategy as well as your recovery statistics any time.
  • Recovery – When a disaster hits your business, data can be recovered quickly and efficiently by determining the optimal recovery path based on the available backup files, their state and their location. Data can be recovered either to the same location, overriding the current copy of the data, or to a different location, in the same data center or anywhere in the world. It is possible to recover all of the data, but it is also possible to recover only portions of the data. So, for example, if a single table or a single file are dropped by accident, only the specific table or file can be recovered, without having to recover all the data from scratch. Another important capability is to recover the data to any point in time within the retention period.
  • SLA – We offer you a service in which we are responsible for everything; end to end. Simply that.

We offer the initial analysis of the data environment and the business objectives, as part of our introduction session, free of charge. By the end of this session, you will receive a full recommendation report describing the right backup strategy. Then you can choose how to proceed in order to implement that strategy.

Discover the MadeiraCUP service now and accomplish a full end-to-end solution for backup and recovery of  your data.

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