Madeira Data Solutions

An island of calm for your business 

Ongoing administration

Madeira Data Solutions offers cutting-edge database administration designed to meet your requirements and budget, making sure that everything works 100% of the time.

By engaging Madeira Data Solutions, our customers gain an Island of Peace when it comes to operational uptime and availability of their database environments.

Our ongoing administration managed service delivers advanced database administration and monitoring, problem prevention, and quick problem resolution.


We offer a comprehensive Ongoing Administration Workflow: 

Data Review– Overall review of current database infrastructure & architecture, based on analysis of collected data.

Monitoring Plan– Our monitoring integration specialists work with you to create a comprehensive, custom-tailored monitoring solution that meets your organization’s needs.

Healing SOW- Apply best practices and make the changes needed to maintain the system in a healthy state.

On-Going Operational Reports- Providing periodic reports showing the health radar of each data component as well as presenting any problems found and how to solve them.


Why Madeira Data Solutions? 

Our expert professionals provides a strong and steady hand for all your data components & environments, 24*7*365.

Our Ongoing Administration service includes an SLA, so that whenever there is a crisis or a critical state of the system, we will react and address the issue ASAP.


 We support complex database environments across all major platforms:

  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • Oracle
  • MySQL
  • MongoDB
  • Hadoop
  • Vertica
  • Amazon RDS
  • Couchbase