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Database Health Check

Does your database suffer from 

performance issues?


You’re sipping a coffee and it’s just a normal day at the office. Unfortunately, your “normal” is applications that respond slowly, a messy nest of servers that nobody’s upgraded in three years, and crashes at peak load times.


You put down your coffee as you realize: you don’t have to work like this! One call to Madeira and we’ll run our standardized SQL Server Health Check to get those systems back in shape. Then we can get to the real performance improvements!


If you have a performance problem and you don’t know where it’s coming from, call us right away and we’ll get to the bottom of it.  It could be a general system slowdown or a specific process or report that is taking too long to run, but you don’t know why and your business is stuck.  We’ll send in an expert consultant and figure out where the blockages are that are causing your system to slow down to a crawl.

How It Works

Your first meeting with our expert consultants will include the system stakeholders, from the IT department head to the business owners, and of course the database and system administrators. Where are the pain points? What problems are you seeing? What does the system look like?

Next, we connect to your servers and collect data.. We look for memory use, query performance, disk space, security standards, database configurations, and lots more. Based on the results in the standardized report, our consultants will hunt down additional information. If the report shows a problem in storage, we may go through logs to find the source; a problem with deadlocks will drive the setup of a monitoring system. The consultant will drill through the report results specific to you.


OK, What’s Next?

Now we’re ready to discuss the next steps . In presenting our findings, we’ll review the results of the Health Check with you and your team. We carefully explain each one as well as our recommendations. After prioritizing the issues, the discussion ends with a clear list of action items and we go to work!

When we’re finished making all the recommended changes, your system will be clean and functional, with a measured baseline for future improvements.

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