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Cumulative Update 22 for SQL Server 2017

The latest cumulative update (22) for SQL Server 2017 has just been released. It includes many fixes to bugs and known issues. I counted 40 of them. Here are just a few examples of interesting fixes included in this cumulative update:

  • Incorrect Results on a Linked Server Query - This is an interesting one. If you run a query with aggregates or joins against a remote table with a filtered index, and you don't have the VIEW DEFINITION permission, then the query optimizer considers the index to be a full unique index, and the query returns incorrect results.

Remember that starting from SQL Server 2017, service packs are no longer available. Microsoft modified its servicing model to include only cumulative updates, and you should treat them with the same level of trust and confidence as you are used to treating service packs.

Having said that, you should read the documentation and test every update before installing it in production.

You can read the documentation about Cumulative Update 22 for SQL Server 2017 and also download it from here.




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