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From PASS Summit to MVP Summit

This was a really great week!

So many sessions by great speakers, lots of community events, parties and fun. I met a lot of people, some are old friends and some are new friends that I hope to keep in touch with. I also learned a lot. My personal interest is big data, so I attended several sessions about HDInsight, Spark, Cortana Analytics, etc. Great stuff!

PASS Summit 2015

I also had the honor to deliver my own session – How to Use Parameters like a Pro and Boost Performance. I prepared a small surprise for the people in the audience. I made an entrance dressed as Superman, and I delivered the whole session dressed like that. It was fun!

If you attended my session, and also if you didn’t, you can download all the session materials here.


Matan Yungman, our CTO, also delivered a presentation – The Data-Loading Performance Presentation. It was an excellent session with a lot of tips on how to load data into your data warehouse really fast.

With Matan Yungman

So now PASS Summit is over, but I’m staying in Seattle, because next week I’m going to the MVP Summit in Redmond. It is my first time to attend MVP Summit, and I’m very excited about it. A whole week of technical deep-dive sessions, collaborating with fellow MVPs and with the product teams in Microsoft. I’m really looking forward to that…

PASS Summit 2015

PASS Summit 2015

PASS Summit 2015




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