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My Session in SQLBits 2023

Updated: Jul 6, 2023

SQLBits 2023

Today I had the honor to present my session in SQLBits 2023, which is my favorite community event ever. I haven't been to SQLBits in person since before Covid, so I am pretty excited to be here again.

My session title was "The Most Important Performance Factor in SQL Server & Azure SQL". I'm talking about Statistics, in case you wondered. In the session, I explained what statistics are, how they are created and updated, and why they are so important for the performance of your queries.

I also demonstrated all kinds of tips and best practices related to statistics.

I promised to make all the session materials available for download. So here it is - click to download.

I hope you enjoyed my session, and I hope to see you again at the next SQLBits or maybe at another event before that.

Update: The SQLBits team has made all the session recordings available on their YouTube channel. This means you can watch my session along with so many other great sessions. Enjoy!



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