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SQL Saturday Nepal 2017

I had the honor to visit Nepal and participate in SQL Saturday Nepal 2017. You can visit the event website here. I presented a session about “How to Use Parameters Like a Pro and Boost Performance”. From my experience, one of the common reasons for poor performance is the wrong use of parameters in queries. In this session, I demonstrated how to identify these cases and how to correctly use parameters in order to boost application performance.

The Nepali people are very kind. I had a great audience – around 100 people – and I enjoyed presenting this session very much. I would like to thank my wonderful audience for participating in my session. If you attended my session (and also if you didn’t), you can download all the session materials from here.

In addition to my session, there were several other excellent sessions. Gogula Aryalingam presented a session about the “Why, What and How of Power BI”. Virendra Yaduvanshi presented a session about the SQL Server transaction log. Jonathan Stewart (whom I had the pleasure to spend some quality time with) presented a session about “Performance Tuning for the BI Professional”. Anil Maharjan presented a session about data visualization with R in Power BI. And finally, Shree Khanal, who did an excellent job in organizing this event, presented a session about “SQL Server 2016 Advanced Security”.

But even before the event itself, which took place on Saturday, I had the honor to deliver two full day pre-conference sessions. The first was about big data and Hadoop fundamentals. The second was about SQL Server best practices. I had a wonderful time, and I enjoyed the interaction with the audience.

SQL Saturday Nepal 2017

Special thanks to the organizers of SQL Saturday Nepal 2017 – Shree Khanal, Dibya Tara Shakya, and all the others. Thank you for inviting me and for the wonderful hospitality. Now that the event is over, I look forward to another week in Nepal. I’m going to do some trekking with Shree, Jonathan and others.





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