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T-SQL Programming for Developers Course

Are you a software developer?

Did you ever get to develop a software that works with a Microsoft SQL Server database?

Perhaps you started out all nice and good, seeing how well and easy SQL Server works, but then with time, as your software grew and you collected more and more data, increased your client pool and database size more and more, gradually you noticed problems showing up?

Things started working not as fast as they used to? Users started reporting all kinds of errors that you didn’t know how to solve?

Well, luckily for you, Madeira Data Solutions recently started creating online professional courses in SQL Server, as an expansion of our professional training services. I was tasked with creating an online course on the subject of T-SQL Programming for Developers. The course is designed to tackle the most common problems that developers face when working with SQL Server, but don’t have the required DBA training to solve them.

The course includes easy to understand solutions for these problems, various tips and tricks, and recommended best practices when working with a SQL Server database. The course is heavily hands-on and includes a lot of practical demos that you can follow along with.

Prerequisites The course is designed for software developers with the following basic experience in writing T-SQL queries and procedural T-SQL code, and basic familiarity with the SQL Server Management Studio.

Structure The online course contains 9 separate videos, each spanning between 5 and 20 minutes.

Get to it! For more information and signing up (for this online course and others), please visit the following link:

I hope you benefit from this course as much as I enjoyed making it!




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