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Advanced Programming and Query Tuning in SQL Server & Azure SQL

This course takes programming and query tuning in SQL Server and Azure SQL from the basic level to the advanced, providing students with techniques that will allow them to write code for a broad range of requirements while optimizing performance, and on the other hand, optimize the performance.

T-SQL Instruction

This course is designed for anyone who needs to acquire advanced knowledge of SQL Server from scratch. Lessons include brief theoretical explanations and a lot of hands-on practicing.

Effective Data Visualization with Power BI

This course will equip you with a comprehensive understanding of how visual perception works and how to effectively communicate messages through visualizations. You will learn how to use Power BI to create compelling and informative visuals that effectively communicate your data.

SQL Server Reporting Services

This course teaches how to build, publish and maintain SQL Server Reporting Services solutions for data analysis in an organization. The course discusses how to use the Reporting Services development tools to create and manage paginated and mobile reports. 

SQL Server for Database Administrators

This course teaches the administration and maintenance aspects of Microsoft SQL Server. It covers all the roles performed by administrative DBAs, such as installation, security, and availability.

Database DevOps for SQL Developers

In this new era of agile development, DevOps, DataOps, and other weird buzzwords, we SQL developers and DBAs must learn to keep up. It’s time to add our monstrous database into the continuous integration pipeline. It may not be easy, but the benefits far outweigh the effort.

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