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Training Services

We love what we do and we love sharing it. We can help your team shine with years of hands on experience.

Our Tailor-Made Training enables your organization to maintain, improve and broaden your team’s knowledge and skills in a way that best suits your constraints and goals. We offer a wide range of Tailor-Made Trainings in a variety of data platforms and technologies, such as: SQL Server, Hadoop, MongoDB, Power BI and Machine Learning.


In close cooperation with you, we design and customize our training in order to meet your team’s objectives. You have control on every aspect of the training. You can choose the topics, the duration, the schedule, the location, and more. You don’t need to settle for a public course that doesn’t fully meet your needs. With our Tailor-Made Training, it’s your course. It’s made for you, so that you can get the best return on your investment.


  Our most popular training:  


  • Advanced Programming & Query Tuning in SQL Server

  • Big Data in SQL Server

  • Basic Querying and Programming in SQL Server

  • SQL Server Best Practices

  • SQL Server Integration Services

Advanced Programming and Query Tuning

This course takes programming and query tuning in SQL Server from the basic level to the advanced, providing students with tools and techniques that will allow them to write code for a broad range of requirements while optimizing performance, and on the other hand, optimize performance of existing SQL Server queries and processes.


"The instructors were very flexible. They changed the focus of the course based on our feedback and our progress. Consequently, the training was exactly what we expected, and we are already implementing many things we have learned."

Lior Paster, Business Analytics Operation Manager

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