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News & Events

Here are the latest news & events from Madeira Data Solutions…



New Online Course: T-SQL Programming for Developers


News & Events: New Online Course


We launched a new online course for developers working with SQL Server.

We know that you already know how to write queries in T-SQL. This course will teach you all the tips & tricks about how to write powerful and efficient code against SQL Server.

Things like: how to use variables and parameters correctly, should you use temporary tables or table variables, and how to optimize your search arguments.

And you get a lifetime access to all the course materials for only $29.

If you are a SQL Server developer, then you simply can’t afford to miss it.

Enroll in the course here:




SQL Saturday Israel is Back!


News & Events: SQL Saturday Israel



The biggest data platform community event in Israel is coming back on April 27.

We have a great lineup of speakers, sessions and sponsors, and, of course, attendees.

Among other sessions, Guy is going to demonstrate how to analyze execution plans in SQL Server like a pro, and Matan is going to show you some elegant T-SQL solutions for real-world problems.

It’s going to be a full house with around 300 attendees, so it’s a wonderful opportunity for networking and learning.

Don’t miss out! You can still register (but not for long):



Guy & Matan are Speaking in the Next GroupBy Conference


News & Events: Group By Conference


If you’re not familiar with the GroupBy conference, then you should. It’s a really great free online conference, where anyone can submit an abstract, and the community votes which sessions get picked.

We are very proud that both Guy and Matan were chosen to speak in the next event, which is just around the corner.

On April 21, Guy is going to talk about how to use parameters in SQL Server like a pro and boost performance.

On April 28, Matan is going to talk about SQL Server 2016 features for performance tuning lovers.

Register here: