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The Next Data Platform Meetup


Data Platform Meetup


We are going to hold the next Israeli Data Platform Meetup on September 4 between 17:30 and 20:30 at Microsoft Raanana.

This time, Roi Katz is going to present an introduction to Couchbase. And Danny Ravid is going to present a disaster recovery solution for SQL Server using Windows 2016 Storage Replication.

You can read more about this meetup and register on this page.

You can also join the discussion and access session materials from previous meetups in our Facebook group.


See you on September 4…



Working with Very Large Tables  Like a Pro in SQL Server 2016


News & Events


Guy is back in the PASS DBA Virtual Group with a new talk about large tables in SQL Server 2016. In this session, Guy analyzed a use case involving a very large table. He examined features such as Incremental Statistics, New Cardinality Estimation, Delayed Durability and Stretch Database. Then he applied them on the challenging table to see what happens…


The session was split into two parts. You can read the recap and download all the session materials here.