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Our Latest Addition to the Family


Reut Almog


Meet our latest and greatest data professional to join our family – Reut Almog Talmi.

Reut participated in our comprehensive training program – Become a SQL Server DBA – back in 2012. She was a star, so no wonder she was immediately hired by 888. Now, after 5 years of experience as a SQL Server DBA, she has just moved to the north with her family. We seized the opportunity and offered her to join us. We are very flexible about working time and location, so this was an excellent match.

Except for DBA stuff, Reut loves hiking and trekking, and if you are looking for some cool places for camping in Israel, she has it. But Reut’s coolest hobby is tap dancing. How about that? How many tap dancing DBAs do you know?



The Next Israeli Data Platform Meetup


Data Platform Meetup


We are going to hold the next Israeli Data Platform Meetup on February 5 between 17:30 and 20:30 at Microsoft Raanana.

Guy Glantser is going to present the first session – Monitoring Page Splits in SQL Server. Guy will demonstrate all the possible options to monitor page splits in SQL Server, and he is going to show that all of these options are wrong. He will then demonstrate the only (documented) method to correctly monitor page splits in SQL Server as of today.

Lior King is then going to talk about Apache Kafka, the popular distributed data streaming platform. Kafka can be used for messaging, for complex event processing, as a commit log, and as a service bus. It has become an essential component in big data environments. Lior will talk about the concept of topics and partitions, about Kafka’s architecture, and how it works behind the scenes.

You can read more about this meetup and register on this page.

You can also join the discussion and access session materials from previous meetups in our Facebook group.


See you on February 5…