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24 Hours of PASS: Cross-Platform SQL Server Management



The next 24 Hours of PASS event is going to be held between April 25 at 12:00 GMT and April 26 at 12:00 GMT. It’s a series of 24 back-to-back online sessions about various topics related to cross-platform SQL Server management. Guy Glantser, our CEO, is one of the 24 speakers. He is going to speak about Monitoring Page Splits in SQL Server on April 26 between 04:00 and 05:00 (GMT).


The event is completely free, so check out the schedule and register today.




SQL Saturday Israel is Coming Soon…

SQL Saturday

SQL Saturday is coming to Israel for the fourth time. Just like in previous years, we have multiple tracks (5), top speakers (including several foreign world-class speakers), excellent sessions, great food, wonderful atmosphere, and lots of surprises.


It is going to be held on April 26 in Megamot college in Petah Tikva (same location as last year). The event is free except for a small fee to cover lunch.


Don’t miss this opportunity to meet the community, learn about the Microsoft Data Platform and have fun. Register here:


We are also planning a pre-conference session the day before the event (April 25). This is a full-day seminar with top speakers (Fabiano Neves Amorim and Guy Glantser, our CEO) for a very low price of $180. The session is about SQL Server Performance Tuning Techniques You Should Know. You can register to the pre-conference session using the following link:




SQL Server Radio Hebrew Edition – The 100th Show

SQL Server Radio


We can’t believe it, but we’re almost there – 100 shows!


We have been doing this for such a long time, and we’re still enjoying it so much. We are so excited about the 100th show.


Since the 100th show is very close to SQL Saturday, we decided to celebrate big with the community. We have a track of our own in SQL Saturday. We are creating a studio, in which we will have open sessions with the audience. We have a very interesting agenda for the whole day. In each session, we invite two panelists to join us at the table around the microphone. But we also invite you to join us in the studio. We are going to have live open discussions with the panelists and with the audience. Of course, we are also going to record everything, and it’s all going to be published on the SQL Server Radio website.


Check out the agenda of the SQL Server Radio Studio track in the SQL Saturday schedule page.


In the meanwhile, head over to the SQL Server Radio website, where you can find and listen to all the shows we have published so far. Enjoy!



The Next Israeli Data Platform Meetup


Data Platform Meetup


We are going to hold the next Israeli Data Platform Meetup on May 7 between 17:30 and 20:30 at Microsoft Raanana.


Ronen Chenn will talk about the journey from Big Data to AI. He will demonstrate how to gain actionable insights to build a competitive AI strategy. Yossi Elkayam will talk about Azure Data Lake. He will cover usage and patterns for modern ETL and data architecture workloads.


You can read more about this meetup and register on this page.


You can also join the discussion and access session materials from previous meetups in our Facebook group.


See you on May 7…



Guy Glantser is Speaking at SQLGrillen 2018




We are proud to announce that Guy Glantser, our CEO, was chosen to speak at SQLGrillen on June 22, 2018. This is a very successful event in Germany with many top speakers, and also some great food and beer. Guy is going to present his famous session – How to Use Parameters Like a Pro and Boost Performance.