Managed Services

Database Administration is a complex profession, with many layers, such as: availability, performance, security and maintenance. That’s why we’ve developed DBSmart. Instead of hiring a DBA or paying a costly hourly price for outsourced DBAs, you pay a fixed monthly price and get full management of your databases.

Having performance issues?

Users complaining that the system doesn't work?

Not sure if your databases are set up properly?

Fear of cyber attack?

DBSmart is a comprehensive end-to-end managed service for managing, maintaining and optimizing your databases. We take responsibility over your databases, monitor them regularly, and take care of everything, anytime - 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. 


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Full Coverage of SQL Server Databases

Automatic Fault Detection

 Team of Experts

Available 24 / 7 / 365

Flexible Pricing Model & Fixed Monthly Payment


Managed SQL Server

 This is your server (one or more) on which the databases are located. We do not install anything on your server so as not to overload it. All monitoring is done by DBMonitor remotely, but within your internal network, so your server is secure. The server is continuously monitored - 24x7. Our access to your server is via VPN, according to your settings


All data that DBMonitor collects is stored in our DBRepository cloud. This repository is secure and encrypted. This repository allows us to see the status of your servers at any given moment, and to investigate problems over time. The DBRepository also contains our knowledge base, which contains more than 200 different alerts, and is the one that triggers alerts when needed


We use an advanced ticketing system. Every alert that comes from the DBRepository creates a new ticket in the system. You can also manually open a ticket regarding any problem, question or consultation you may have. You can comment and update Tickets, and you get updates on everything going on in your Tickets. Our team handles all open tickets regularly according to their urgency. In the case of an urgent ticket, one of our on-call DBNinjas will receive an automated call from the system and immediately work to solve the issue.


Our experts are not just experts. We call them ninjas. They continuously monitor your servers, update your database settings and take precautions according to Best Practices, and also handle all open tickets in the system. At any given moment there are at least two ninjas on alert in case there is an urgent malfunction. Our ninjas have (secure) access to your monitored servers and DBMonitor (via VPN), and of course to DBRepository and DBTicket. Our team of experts is available to you for any request, question or consultation.

Full Coverage of SQL Server Databases

  • We use an advanced monitoring and alerting system made specifically for SQL Server.

  • The system continuously collects data and analyzes it in real-time, creating deep and wide coverage with over 200 different alerts.

  • Our alerts provide coverage including availability assurance, full maintenance, smart backup strategy, performance acceleration, information security

  • Our team of experts manages the alerts and consistently adds new ones based on our accumulated experience and best practices in the field.


Automatic Fault Detection

DBSmart gives you peace of mind. We take full responsibility for your databases in order to let you focus on your core business activity, and do what you do best, knowing that your databases are in good hands.

You can sleep tight at night, knowing that a whole team of experts is monitoring your system 24 hours a day, making sure everything works right.

  • Our monitoring system continuously monitors all of your databases

  • The system automatically detects problems and triggers alerts accordingly

  • Fully automate fault detection, ticket creation, priority management, routing and more


 Team of Experts

available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year

​Whether your organization has a DBA or even a team of DBAs, and even if you don’t, in order to assure full availability of your systems, you must know that you have support around the clock.

  • We are proud of our team - top experts with lots of experience and the highest qualifications of Microsoft.

  • We employ the best people in the field and take care of their training regularly.

  • At any given time, there are 2 experts ready to take care of any request or alert. 

  • We are committed to SLA with fast response times


Flexible Pricing Model & Fixed Monthly Payment

The cost of DBSmart is a fixed monthly price.

As part of this price, we do everything that needs to be done. No extra charges for working time or anything else.

You have full certainty about the price, no surprises.

  • Everything is documented in an advanced ticketing system

  • You have full transparency and real-time tracking

  • Periodical reports on our activity for any given moment




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