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    Providing the highest level of Managed Services and 24×7 SLA support has given our clients the ability to run the most efficient & peaceful  business

    Essential for your data, inspiring for you

    We offer a variety of professional services that are most appropriate to your unique needs, and deliver them based on our best practices.

Professional Services

Our team deliver expert services, from planning and design, through development and optimization, to production and maintenance. We are flexible and offer a wide range of professional services: ad-hoc, project based, outsourcing and consulting.


Managed Services

We consider ourselves much more than just a service provider. We strive to be your partner. We offer a wide range of managed services in order to allow you to focus on your business goals, while we make sure that your business runs smoothly and that you can rely on your data when and where you need it.

Training Services

Learn new skills or improve your existing skills.
We offer a wide range of professional courses and other training opportunities. Just choose the training platform that is most suitable for you: online training, tailored courses, public courses or community events.


A few of our clients
  • From the moment I started to work with the experts from Madeira Data Solutions, I knew that I will never do anything in the data field without consulting them.
    These people really know what they’re doing.
    They helped us move the system to the cloud, built a backup and DR solution for us, helped us improve performance, and much more. When Madeira Data Solutions is by my side, I know that we are in the best hands, And I can sleep well at night.
    Yaniv Ben Naim, CEO, NewOrder
  • I turned to Madeira Data Solutions after having serious performance issues over and over again. We couldn’t figure out the root cause of these issues.
    The professionals from Madeira performed a thorough review of our system, and wrote a detailed report outlining the main issues and a list of action items to solve them.
    After that, we installed Madeira’s monitoring solution, which provides alerts on critical issues and the ability to analyze and investigate performance data.
    Then, Madeira’s professionals began implementing the action items in order to improve performance.
    Today, the performance of the system is simply incredible, almost unreal compared to what it was before.
    Reports are running smoothly, and transactions are processed in less than a second.
    The Madeira team did an amazing job here!
    Dan Klipstein, CEO, ValueCard
  • We chose to build our system in the Microsoft cloud (Azure), and we chose Madeira Data Solutions for support.
    Madeira provided us hosting, billing, support and consulting services. Every time we encountered an technical issue or required consulting, the Madeira team was there for us, andwe always received an excellent service – professional and kind.
    Gilad Gat, CTO, TipRanks


  • We are working with Madeira Data Solutions for many years now. The Madeira professionals are an integral part of our organization, and they are responsible for the design, development and maintenance of many of our databases.
    The Madeira team helps us in a variety of technologies, such as: Microsoft SQL Server, Hadoop, MongoDB, Vertica, and more.
    For us, Madeira Data Solutions is much more than just a service provider. Madeira is our partner.
    Benny Keinan, VP Engineering, AOL