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Optimize your Azure SQL costs!

If you have one or more Azure SQL databases or instances, you may be paying more than necessary. Our experience in working with Azure SQL has led us to develop a comprehensive checklist for your subscription, so we can help you optimize your costs!


Unlocking the benefits: why your organization needs our Azure SQL cost optimizer? 

01. Rising Azure platform costs:

The cost of running a cloud environment can quickly add up, especially if the platform is not optimized for efficiency. As businesses scale up and add more resources to their platform, costs can spiral out of control. Our Azure SQL cost optimizer can help businesses identify areas where costs can be reduced or eliminated, helping them save money in the long run.

02.There is no risk:

If we haven't found a way to save you costs, you won't pay us. As simple as that, without any exceptions in lowercase.

03.Lack of expertise:

Managing cloud environment can be complex, and many businesses may not have the expertise or resources in-house to optimize their platform for efficiency. Our Azure SQL cost optimizer can provide businesses with access to experienced Data experts who specialize in Azure environments and can provide tailored recommendations to optimize the platform.

04. Inefficient processes:

Inefficient processes can also contribute to rising cloud platforms costs. For example, businesses may be overprovisioning resources or running processes that are not necessary, resulting in unnecessary expenses. The Azure SQL cost optimizer service can help identify these inefficiencies and provide recommendations for optimizing processes and resource usage.


How does it work?

Kick off meeting


We will set the foundation for our work and ensures that expectations are aligned.


  We review each Azure SQL component and analyze its settings. We compare the settings to your workload, your business goals, as well as to industry best practices.


Detailed report

We provide you with a detailed report, including all our conclusions, explanations, and recommendations.
By the end of this meeting, you will know what to do to immediately begin saving costs.


The next step

You can either implement the changes yourself or let us do it. If you choose to do it yourself, we'll provide the guidance, links, scripts, and support


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Our partnership with Microsoft allows us to offer cutting-edge cloud-based and on-premises  solutions to meet any of our customers' data needs. Through this partnership, we also have exclusive access to Microsoft's product teams and internal resources. This gives us the power to provide you with the best possible service

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Optimize your Azure SQL costs today!

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