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Meet the Team- Eitan Blumin

When I was about 7 years old and got my first computer during the early nineties, I said “This is the future”.

Now that the future is here and computers are everywhere, I take a look at the world of Data and say “This is the future”.

I started out as a web designer and animator, moved on to being an amateur game developer, then an all-around programmer, and eventually ended up being a Data Expert.

I gained experience as a SQL Server Database Administrator in IDF for 5 and a half years before joining Madeira. From there on, everything only kept improving and improving. I saw how fascinating the world of Data is and full of potential.

Sometimes I think that by landing in Madeira as my first workplace after IDF I kind of missed the “adventure” of looking for “the one workplace that’s right for me”. Usually it takes a while and a few bad experiences before finding the job you truly want to have. In my case, probably by luck, I found this one workplace right away (or rather, it found me). Now I can’t imagine myself anywhere else!

Being a Data Expert in Madeira is pure fun and it’s always interesting. I get to enjoy seeing different types of systems and applications; I get to use the wide array of SQL Server technologies to their full potential; I learn something new every day, and I love being part of the Madeira wonderful and fun family.

As the world of Data keeps expanding and shooting forward, I get to see increasingly complex and interesting issues. I have lots of fun solving complex problems, learning new things, and sharing my knowledge with other people. The experimentation, discovery, and sharing of experience makes me feel like a true Data Scientist!

There is no better feeling than helping people, teaching people, and seeing the appreciation in their eyes. This is how I make the world a better place and there’s nothing better.

With over 10 years of experience in various technologies, I enjoy a wide knowledge range in the data industry, from database design and development, through performance tuning and maintenance and up to a deep and thorough understanding of database architecture.

When away from Madeira, I enjoy a wide variety of activities: From drawing comics to playing computer games, to watching the night sky through my telescope, traveling around the country with my family, and occasionally indulging myself in programming something interesting.

I love meeting and interacting with new people, and I enjoy long conversations about deep meanings. I enjoy laughing and making people laugh, and I do my best to appreciate the positive side of every situation.

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