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Training Services

We love what we do and we love sharing it. We can help your team shine with years of hands-on experience. Our training is offered online, live online and also by instructor-led classes

Businesses of all sizes have realized the value of utilizing their data and are making Data Management a priority to take their business to the next level of success.

Enhance Your Data Platform Skills with Expert-Led Courses

Our Tailor-Made Training enables your organization to maintain, improve and broaden your team’s knowledge and skills in a way that best suits your constraints and goals. We offer a wide range of Tailor-Made Training in various data platforms and technologies, such as SQL Server, Azure SQL Database, Azure Data Explorer, and Power BI.

Customized Training, Tailor-Made Just for You

In close cooperation with you, we design and customize our training to meet your team’s objectives. You have control over every aspect of the training. You can choose the topics, the duration, the schedule, the location (online or in class), and more.

With our Tailor-Made Training, it's your course. It’s made for you so that you can get the best return on your investment.

More than Just a Course

In addition to the lessons, we create a WhatsApp group for the students together with the instructor. The group allows students to ask questions and discuss the topics learned even outside of the course hours. The instructor also uses the group to share useful links and resources.

If you choose to go online, then you get a lot more. Team members can join the lessons regardless of their physical location. All sessions are recorded and sent to you. They can be used by participants who had to miss a class or revisit the training as needed. It can also be used for onboarding new employees, so your investment keeps on giving.​

We measure the progress and success of each student. We use quizzes, practice exercises, and homework assignments. By the end of the course, you get a Students Evaluation Report, so you know the knowledge level of each student in each topic.




Business Analytics Operation Manager

"The instructors were very flexible. They changed the focus of the course based on our feedback and our progress. Consequently, the training was exactly what we expected, and we are already implementing many things we have learned."



 Software Developer at Oath

"The course was very comprehensive. I felt like we were training for practical "real world" work and not just the theory. Our tutor was very professional and made sure we knew the material and understood everything."

Need to hear more? have a topic that your team is struggling with?
Contact us and we will help you find the perfect solution.

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