Cloud-based and Virtualization Solutions

Can you scale out with your current architecture and design?


One of our specialties is SQL Server database management in the cloud, including work in the Microsoft Azure environment and Amazon Web Services (AWS).

When it’s time to lighten the burden of maintaining SQL Servers, we’re the experts to help you move to the cloud, taking you through the setup, migration, and continuing maintenance.


We maintain a strong partnership with the Microsoft Azure division and have extensive experience in AWS, giving us the flexibility and technical knowledge you need.

Whether your plans are for managed SQL Servers or a fully virtual server network, our skilled and experienced team will help you along every step of the way. The Azure SQL Database or Amazon Relational Database Service allows you to concentrate on the SQL Server and not on the server’s IT maintenance. All the IT is done by the service provider.

At the other end of the spectrum, you can choose greater involvement in the server configuration and maintenance with a customized virtual machine package, selecting the storage size and types, network bandwidth, CPU, and memory size.

The first step is to select the right platform for the system requirements. Not all platform solutions are the same, and our consultants will help you find the right solution for your specific needs, including building any customization.

Think about these points when you choose a cloud solution:

  • How will I enforce security protocols when I don’t control the environment?

  • Can I scale out with my current design?

  • How big can I grow my business capacity?

  • Can I benefit from cost-saving features such as leasing servers on demand?

  • How much can I reduce the maintenance load on the IT department?


Our expert team is aware of all these challenges and will work with you as a partner to customize the solution.


Whether building a system from the ground up or migrating an existing infrastructure, we offer end-to-end public cloud services for SQL Server. We help you through the myriad decisions and accompany the process with our signature customized, in-depth training at every stage.


As a certified Microsoft Azure Managed Service Provider, Madeira Data Solutions offers the best service from professionals who have seen it all. From regular service to crisis solutions, call us to get your cloud system sorted out the right way.



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