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Cloud-Based Solutions

Can you scale out with your current architecture and design?


The cloud has a lot of benefits to offer, and cloud adoption is growing across the board on a daily basis. On the other hand, not every system and not every use case are suitable for the cloud.

As a Microsoft Partner, we specialize in Azure, the Microsoft cloud. But we also have extensive experience in AWS, the Amazon cloud. whether you choose Azure or AWS, we can help your cloud journey, taking you through the setup, migration, cost analysis, and more.

The first step is to select the right platform for your system.

Not all platform solutions are the same, and our data professionals will help you find the right solution for your specific needs, including building any customizations.

When choosing the right cloud platform, we recommend taking into account the following:

  • Can I scale-out with my current design?

  • Can I benefit from cost-saving features, such as leasing servers on demand?

  • How can I reduce the maintenance load on the IT department?

  • How will I enforce security protocols?

Our expert team is aware of all these challenges and will work with you as a partner to customize the solution.

Whether building a system from the ground up or migrating an existing infrastructure, we offer end-to-end cloud data platform services. We help you through the myriad decisions and accompany the process with our signature customized, in-depth training at every stage.

Ready to take the next step or have any questions?  Talk to one of our experts

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