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24 Hours of PASS- Madeira’s professionals MUST SEE sessions


24 Hours of PASS coming up on May 25-26 We have challenged our team to choose one MUST SEE session, a session that there is no chance they will miss, here are the results:

  Rotem Meidan:

“I’m definitely not going to miss  Robert Dorr‘s session – SQL Server 2016 Just Works Faster  about performance improvements in the 2016 engine. My clients always want things to work faster and I always want to give them a great solution, but I always want to know WHY it’s faster. I love how you can always learn more about SQL server’s internals and I’m not going to miss an opportunity like that.”

  Matan Yungman:

“I’m definitely not going to miss Warner Chaves’ session – Swimming in the Data Lake. Azure Data Lake is a true distributed system with exciting capabilities like the SQL part for querying the data, and the C# manipulating and analyzing the data. I would like see how those two blend and how to correctly work with them. Distributed systems also have partially different performance aspects than relational databases like data skew issues, and I’d like to hear about the ways for mitigating those issues. I also hope to hear some case studies, success stories and lessons from the field in order to hear what should be done using Azure Data Lake, and what should be done using other tools like Azure SQL Database and Azure SQL Datawarehouse.”

  Eyal Golombek

“I’m not going to miss Robert Dorr‘s session titled “SQL Server 2016 Just Works Faster – Performance Improvements in Database”. SQL Server performance enhancement fascinates me and at work we plan to upgrade from SQL server 2012 to SQL Server 2016 sometime during the next year.”

  Guy Glantser

“There are so many great sessions to choose from in “24 Hours of PASS: Evolution of the Data Platform”. I actually chose 6 sessions that I really want to attend. But if I have to choose the one session that I’m certainly not going to miss, it would be Robert Dorr‘s session – “SQL Server 2016 Just Works Faster – Performance Improvements in Database Core Engine”. There are many improvements in the core engine in SQL Server 2016, such as multiple log writer workers and larger data file writes. These improvements will speed up your database by just upgrading to SQL Server 2016, without having to take any additional actions. I’m really interested to hear from Robert about the internal change details.”

What is your MUST SEE 24 hours of PASS Session? Share with us!

Enjoy the Evolution of the Data Platform!




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