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40 Things You Didn’t Know About SQL Server

Last week I delivered a seminar in the Expert Days 2012 event by the name of “40 Things You didn’t Know About SQL Server”. The seminar was challenging and ambitious. First, who am I to assume that you (the audience) don’t know these things about SQL Server? And second, how the hell am I going to cover 40 (!!!) things in one day?

I prepared a huge amount of cool stuff for this seminar including a lot of scripts and demos, and somehow I managed to go over all 40 things. We covered things like file sizing, the SEQUENCE object, parameter sniffing, trace flags, and so much more. It was fun, and based on the feedback I received from the audience, I was happy to hear that the attendees enjoyed it too, and that at least some of the things they actually didn’t know.

I promised to make all the materials from the seminar available for download, so here they are:

See you next year in “Expert Days 2013″…




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