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Customer Satisfaction Survey Results

In the last couple of months, we sent our first customer satisfaction survey to all our customers. We collected the responses, analyzed them, and derived some interesting conclusions too. It’s time to share the results!

First, the response rate was 16%. We tried to increase the response rate by making the survey as simple as possible and sending personal reminders. It wasn’t easy. We did some research, and found that the industry average ranges between 10% and 15%. So at least we are OK compared to the industry average…

Several customers told us that the survey was too long, although we really tried to make it short and simple. This is something we will look into before we send the next survey.

All survey questions were on a scale of 1 (lowest) to 6 (highest).

Our Services

We first asked about our services:

Customer Satisfaction Survey Results - Services

All rates are above average, and the feedback is generally positive. But we certainly have a lot to improve, especially when it comes to the uniqueness of our services (4.5). It turns out that our customers don’t consider our services to be especially unique. Since differentiation is one of our core values, we strive to develop and provide unique services and solutions to our customers. This survey proved to us that we are doing it right, but we still have a long way to go.

We received the highest score in this category for the quality of our services (5.5). This is really great! We pay a lot of attention and spend a great deal of effort to make sure that our services and solutions are of the highest quality. Let’s see if we can improve this one as well by the next survey, and get closer to 6.0…

Our Team

Customer Satisfaction Survey Results - Team

As you can see, our customers really like our team. They especially recognize that we “treat any person with respect” (5.9), and that we are “willing to help” (5.9). We are really proud of our team. It’s a group of exceptional people. We don’t hire just anyone. You need to be a super hero with special powers in order to join our team. It’s great to see that our customers appreciate it.

By the way, we are looking for more super heroes, so if you have super powers, check out our careers page.

Our Core Values

We have 10 core values. These are values that we deeply believe in and that guide us in everything that we do. We wanted to know how our customers recognize our core values:

Customer Satisfaction Survey Results - Core Values

Just like with our services, our customers don’t think that we are unique in the market (4.2). At least not as we would like them to. This is our number one action item from this survey. We want to differentiate ourselves in the market, and to provide a unique experience to our customers. This is our homework before the next survey.

And just like with our team, our customers recognize and appreciate our willing to help (5.7), which is great. We strive to help people around us – customers, colleagues, friends, people in our community, etc.


To summarize, we asked 3 very important questions:

Customer Satisfaction Survey Results - Summary

We also created a formula to calculate the overall customer satisfaction score (between 0 and 100). The formula is based on weights that we assigned to each one of the questions in the survey. Without getting into too many details, the overall customer satisfaction score from this survey was 87.

This will be our baseline for the next customer satisfaction survey. We will conduct the next survey around March or April 2018. Our goal is to improve our score in the next survey.




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