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Extended Events to the Rescue

On May 18 I presented a session about Extended Events as part of the Global Hebrew PASS Virtual Chapter. I explained what Extended Events is and why I think every DBA should use it. I showed several demonstrations of monitoring and troubleshooting use cases using Extended Events.

Although Microsoft announced that Profiler is deprecated, and recommends to use Extended Events instead, and although there are many advantages to Extended Events over Profiler or SQL Trace, most DBAs I know still use Profiler. The main reason is simply because they are used to it. My message to those DBAs is that as soon as you get to know Extended Events and start playing with it, you will become used to it, and you will be able to take advantage for its many great features. So what are you waiting for?

I would like to give credit to Jonathan Kehayias (Blog | Twitter), who is a master in Extended Events. Jonathan’s blog is full of excellent information and wonderful examples about Extended Events, and I have learned a lot from him (and still learning). I also mention some of his blog posts in my session. Thank you, Jonathan!

You can watch my presentation here. It’s in Hebrew, so if you are not a Hebrew speaker, good luck with that…

And you can download the PowerPoint here and all the scripts below:




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