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I’m a SQL Server MVP!

I have been working with SQL Server for the past 17 years, and in the past few years I have been also very involved in the SQL Server community in Israel and around the world. I love SQL Server, and I also love the community around SQL Server, which is quite unique among technology groups. People in this community are really looking for ways to share with others and learn from others. This is why they call it the “SQL Family”.

Last week I was informed by Microsoft that I have been awarded as a Most Valuable Professional (MVP) in the field of SQL Server. According to Microsoft, “the Microsoft MVP Award is an annual award that recognizes exceptional technology community leaders worldwide who actively share their high quality, real world expertise with users and Microsoft”.

I’m very honored and excited to receive this recognition and to join a group of truly exceptional people around the world who actively lead the SQL Server community and share their knowledge with others.

I would like to use this opportunity to tell you about some of the things that I do as part of the SQL Server community:

  1. I lead the Israeli SQL Server user group. This is a large and strong group of more than 1,000 SQL Server users in Israel. The group is also a PASS local chapter. We meet once a month (the first Monday of the month), where people from the local community present all kinds of SQL Server topics. These meetings are a great opportunity to learn, network with other SQL Server users in your area, ask professional questions, and more. We also have a monthly newsletter, a Facebook group, a YouTube channel, and other communication channels. In addition to the monthly meetings, we organize other events and training opportunities from time to time. Members of this group are local DBAs (both applicative and administrative), developers, IT professionals, and also other people who use SQL Server in some way. If you live in Israel and use SQL Server, and you’re still not a member, then what are you waiting for? Send me a note through the Contact page, and I’ll add you to the group.

  2. I co-host the SQL Server Radio alongside Matan Yungman. This is an internet radio dedicated to SQL Server. We release a new show every two weeks. Matan and I talk about all kinds of topics related to SQL Server itself as well as to the SQL Server community. We talk about blog posts that we have read, forum discussions that we have found interesting, community events, and much more. And, of course, we share our own experience. Sometimes we invite guests to the show. When we started the radio a few months ago, I wasn’t sure if people are going to like it or not, but to my surprise we already have a large audience from all over the world, and we constantly receive great feedbacks. Anyway, we enjoy it very much. We also host the Hebrew Edition of the SQL Server Radio for the Israeli community and for Hebrew speakers around the world.

  3. I moderate the Israeli SQL Server forum on TechNet and MSDN. This is the place to ask professional questions and to receive professional answers from peers in the local community. This is also the place to create professional discussions. I try to answer questions in the forum as much as I can, but my goal is to encourage others to participate in the forum and to promote professional discussions, from which everyone can learn. In addition to moderating the Israeli forum, I also participate in other SQL Server forums, such as the Transact-SQL forum on TechNet.

  4. I talk about SQL Server a lot in conferences, community events, professional courses, seminars and online webinars. I love training, and I always look for opportunities to speak and share my experience with others. For example, on January 19 I’m speaking about Advanced Query Tuning Techniques in the SQL Saturday event in Herzliya; On March 3 I’m speaking about How to Use Parameters Like a Pro and Boost Performance in the SQLRally Nordic 2015 event in Copenhagen; And on March 7 I’m speaking about Common Pitfalls When Analyzing Execution Plans in the SQLBits Super Heroes event in London. In almost every month you can find me speaking about SQL Server somewhere…

  5. I have a blog, where I mostly write about SQL Server. Actually, if you’re reading this, then you’re probably in my blog already. This is where I share my own experience and thoughts. I try to write at least once a week. Recently I wrote a whole series about parameterization, which was very successful. I also have an expert blog on SQL Server Pro, where I also publish posts from time to time.

I do all these things and more with much pleasure. I love being part of this family, and I enjoy sharing and learning from others. I hope that as an MVP I would be able to do even more for the community.

For me, this is a wonderful start for the new year.

Happy New Year!




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