Link Power BI to Azure Synapse Analytics

Author: Eric Rouach, Madeira Data Solutions

Date: October 2022 Pre-requisites:

· Basic/Intermediate understanding of Microsoft Azure eco-system

· Ability to create new resources in Microsoft Azure

· Basic knowledge of Power BI

· A Microsoft Azure subscription

· Power BI Desktop installed on your PC

· An existing Power BI Service (pro license) account

· An existing Power BI Service workspace

Azure Synapse Analytics is the perfect all-in-one-place service for creating, developing, integrating and visualize data. In this demo, we will focus on connecting Power BI to an instance of Azure Synapse Analytics. The steps we will follow:

· Create a Dedicated SQL Pool (former Azure Data Warehouse)

· Use/Create an instance of Azure Synapse Analytics

· Create a Power BI linked service

· Create a Power BI report

· Manage the Power BI report from Azure Synapse

Let's get started!

As usual, let's create a properly named Resource Group to gather all the services relevant to our task:

Then, let's create a Dedicated* SQL Pool or in other words, a data warehouse.

*We may create a Serverless SQL Pool instead but having dedicated compute resources is enough for the purpose of this demo.