Ola Hallengren is a Microsoft Data Platform MVP living in Sweden. He developed the best free maintenance solution for SQL Server, which is widely used and accepted by DBAs worldwide.

The solution is based on stored procedures that perform backups, integrity checks, index and statistics maintenance on all editions of SQL Server since 2008. It has been voted as Best Free Tool, several years, in SQL Server Magazine Awards.

Recently, our team at Madeira Data Solutions developed a new feature as an extension to Ola's maintenance solution for managing database file size growth and shrink.

In this webinar held on May 26th, Noa Brodezky & Evyatar Karni spoke about how to use Ola's maintenance solution in your production environment, along with some tips and best practices from the Madeira team based on experience in the field with dozens of customer

You can find the training presentation and scripts here

We also recorded the training. Click on the video below to listen or go to our You Tube channel

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