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Performance-Oriented T-SQL Development in Belgium

On October 10, I will come back to present in one of my favorite SQL Server conferences – SQL Server Days in Belgium, and this time it’s for a pre-conference session.

This full day seminar is called Performance-Oriented T-SQL Development, and it will focus on solving real world problems using efficient T-SQL writing.


Here is the abstract:

“T-SQL is a rich language that allows solving a wide range of problems.

But from a certain scale, inefficient writing starts to hinder the system performance and stability.

In this full day seminar, we will look at real world problems and find various solutions for them using T-SQL. We won’t settle for just a solution, but also analyze the performance of each of them and find the best one. Among others, we will see the power of the APPLY operator, window functions, math and your brain for solving those problems.

In addition, we will talk about common mistakes and problematic query patterns that hurt the optimizer’s ability to generate a good execution plan, resulting in bad query performance.

Among other examples, we will see how changing a table structure can allow the optimizer to generate a much better plan, how breaking down big queries can reduce execution time significantly, how using the wrong programmatic objects hurt you, and why reuse and encapsulation are a good programmatic habit, but can be bad in terms of performance.

This demo-heavy seminar will provide practical solutions for real world problems and will enhance the way you think about T-SQL.”

Registration is still open. If the seminar sounds interesting join me for a full day of T-SQL fun!




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