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Please Welcome Our New Certified SQL Server DBA’s!

Today we celebrated the last session of one of our Become a SQL Server DBA classes. This course takes people without any relevant experience, but with great skills and a lot of potential, and teaches them everything they need to know in order to become excellent SQL Server DBAs and develop successful careers.

In this course, we start from the very basics of the relational model and the SQL language, and we go through all the aspects of administration and development of SQL Server databases, including the BI stack, and up to the more advanced features in SQL Server, such as Replication and Memory Optimized Tables. The students in this course learn through extensive practice, including a very comprehensive summary project (which they still have a few weeks to submit).

Except for the learning experience, there is also a great atmosphere in these classes. People get to know each other. They help each other throughout the course, and in some cases, many years after the course. Some of them become good friends.

But we don’t look at this course as just a course. Our goal is to help our students develop successful careers as SQL Server DBAs. The training is just the first part. We work with them closely to define the right direction for them and to write their CVs in the best way. In some cases, we offer students a job in Madeira (some of our team members are graduates of one of our classes in previous years). In other cases, we offer students internship opportunities or “real” jobs with one of our customers and partners. We also keep in touch with most of our graduates over the years, and we are proud to see them developing their careers.

So now we have a group of 10 fresh SQL Server DBAs, who are certified and armed with all the necessary knowledge as well as some experience, ready for the real world. Some of them are already working. For others, we are currently looking for job opportunities.

If you are looking for a junior and very talented SQL Server DBA, then we have several great people to introduce to you. We are willing to support them in their first steps in the real world and provide them assistance while they work for you, so you get much more than “just” a great DBA. If you’re interested, then fill in the details below, and we’ll contact you shortly.

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I would like to use this opportunity to wish good luck to our graduates: Rotem, Itzik, Pavel, Avihu, Guri, Sinai, Shay, Alon, Orr and Manu. Good luck guys!




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