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Send Emails from Azure SQL Database by using Azure Logic Apps

Azure SQL database is a fully managed relational database in the Microsoft cloud.

It is a scalable, durable and performant database engine that allows developers to focus on the business logic without worrying about storage or server uptime. The main difference between SQL Server on premises and Azure SQL Database is that in Azure SQL Database only database level features are available. Features, like SQL Server Agent or SQL Server Mail are not supported by Azure SQL Database.

However, in some situations we want to send an email from inside stored procedures.

In order to be able to send emails from a stored procedure we can use additional Azure services, besides Azure SQL Database. For instance, we can use Azure Logic Apps, which is a cloud integration platform. This platform helps us to build complex stateless workflows and has many built in connectors.

We will create a table in SQL Database. For each new email, a SQL procedure will add a new row with all the email details. Logic Apps will check for new entries and use a SMTP server to send the email.

Read my post on for a full step by step recipe.

I would love to hear your feedback on Azure Logic Apps service.






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