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Speaking about Columnstore Indexes at PASS Performance Palooza

The PASS Performance Virtual Chapter has a tradition of yearly “Palooza events”, in which there are a few back-to-back online performance sessions by great speakers from all around the world.

I have the honor to speak in this year’s Performance Palooza, which will take place this Thursday, July 23.

I will speak about Columnstore, a technology that fascinates me and is a true game changer. The session is called Columnstore Indexes – Questions and Answers (click here to register).

Here is the abstract:

Columnstore is a very exciting technology that can boost the performance of your queries by orders of magnitude. However, like every technology, you have to use it the right way in order to achieve such a performance boost.

We will start the session with a quick overview of the technology in order to bring everyone up to speed.

After that, we will start asking questions that will help us understand how to master it and be successful when working with it.

Among others, we will answer questions like:

  1. When will a Clustered Columnstore Index boost performance by orders of magnitude, and when it won’t help so much?

  2. How to defeat the “lazy” tuple mover?

  3. How to increase segment elimination?

  4. How to load data the right way?

  5. Why is “batch mode” so much faster than “row mode”?

  6. Is Nonclustered Columnstore still relevant?

We will also go over the new Columnstore features that will be included in SQL Server 2016 and emphasize the performance gains we can get from them.




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