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Speaking at SQLBits and SQLRally

Next week, I’m going to visit London and Copenhagen for SQLBits and SQLRally Nordic. It’s going to be intense and fun.


On Wednesday, March 4, at 4:45PM, I’ll deliver my session “Query Progress Tracking in SQL Server” at SQLRally in Copenhagen.

The session talks about a big pain in our job: How can we know when a certain process will finish its execution?

It covers the ways SQL Server allows us to track the progress of processes and queries, and exposes some fun internal stuff like CXPacket, sorts, useful DMVs, and more..


On Thursday, March 5, at 1:30PM, I’ll deliver my session “The Data Loading Performance Presentation” at SQLBits in London.

The session talks about the things we need to take into account when we design high performance data loading processes. Among other topics, it covers the #1 enemy of data loading, bulk loading, minimal logging, right selection of keys, parallelism and partitioning, network optimization, and more..

It’s going to be an amazing week, and I look forward to meet a lot of people and have some interesting talks about SQL Server and the world of data.




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