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Spring 2015 Advanced Programming in SQL Server

The Advanced Programming in SQL Server course takes your programming in SQL Server to a new level.

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Course Description

We provide students with the tools and techniques to write code for a broad range of requirements in SQL Server, all while optimizing performance.

Students will analyze case studies, comparing several approaches for each one and choosing the best solution.

The course is based on SQL Server 2012, but it is also relevant for other versions.

Target Audience

The course is intended for SQL Server developers, whether development DBAs or application developers. Students should be familiar with basic programming and with the syntax of Transact-SQL.


  1. Understand the various data structures and data types within SQL Server

  2. Be able to design and utilize indexes and statistics efficiently

  3. Be familiar with the various programming objects in SQL Server

  4. Understand how the query processor works

  5. Learn to write efficient Transact-SQL code using advanced techniques


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