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Spring 2015 SQL Server Integration Services

The SQL Server Integration Services course teaches you to use this SQL Server program to build data integration solutions.

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Course Description

Starting from the foundations of SSIS, students will master the building blocks of data integration and quickly proceed to complex and special cases. The course covers the entire workflow of development, deployment and administration of SSIS packages.

The course is based on SQL Server 2014, but it is also relevant for other versions.

Target Audience

The course is intended for SQL Server developers, administrators and analysts who need to migrate and transform data amongst diverse platforms. Students should be familiar with the following topics:

  1. Transact-SQL

  2. SQL Server Agent

  3. SQL Server Security


  1. Be familiar with SSIS architecture and components

  2. Learn how to implement SSIS packages

  3. Learn how to implement logging in an SSIS package

  4. Be able to debug and implement error handling in an SSIS package

  5. Learn how to implement checkpoints and transactions in an SSIS package

  6. Learn how to configure and deploy an SSIS package

  7. Understand how to manage and secure an SSIS package


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