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Thirty Things You Didn’t Know About SQL Server

Last Sunday I presented a session by the name “30 Things You didn’t Know about SQL Server” together with Noam Brezis.

We presented this session as part of the Expert Days 2010 conference in front of DBAs and developers.

It was a great session. I personally enjoyed presenting it as much as I enjoyed preparing it.

We covered many tips & tricks and advanced techniques in many areas of SQL Server. It was fun.

We also asked the audience to mark for each item whether they really didn’t know it, knew some or knew about it completely.

Here are the results: on average, out of the 30 items we presented, people didn’t know 19 items, knew some about 9 items, and knew completely about 2 items.

This is what we hoped to see. Otherwise, the title of this session wouldn’t have been such a good choice.

As promised, here are all the materials we presented in the session. We also filmed the session. We’ll edit it in the next couple of days. If the quality is good enough, we’ll upload it as well.

Till next time…




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