Troubleshooting SQL Sentry Full Access Monitoring Mode

Updated: Jul 26

The "Full Access" monitoring mode in SQL Sentry is the mode that allows SQL Sentry to monitor not just metrics from your SQL Server instance, but also from the underlying Windows operating system. Metrics such as CPU utilization, network utilization, memory usage, disk activity, and more.

SentryOne Performance Analysis Dashboard in Full Access mode
SQL Sentry Performance Analysis Dashboard in Full Access mode

Sometimes there could be various issues that prevent SQL Sentry from successfully activating the "Full Access" monitoring mode. That would cause SQL Sentry to work in the "Limited Access" mode, where only the right-hand side is visible in the performance analysis dashboard.

This article describes a methodology for how to resolve such issues.

In this page:

Test Tools

We can use the tools below before we even begin working with SQL Sentry, in order to verify the minimum requirements needed for the Full Access monitoring mode.

Once you perform the tests successfully using all 3 tools, then SQL Sentry should also be able to work in Full Access monitoring mode.

Note that tests performed using these tools must be done from within the monitoring service machine, while logged on as the monitoring service account:

  1. wbemtest

  2. perfmon

  3. regedit

1. wbemtest

  1. Click Start > Run > wbemtest

  2. Click on "Connect..."

  3. In the "Namespace" field, add \\yourTargetName\ at the start of the namespace address, replacing "yourTargetName" with the relevant SQL Server target hostname. The final value should look like this: \\yourTargetName\root\cimv2

  4. Click on "Connect".

  5. If this works, it means you have WMI connectivity.

2. perfmon

  1. Click