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Webcast – Small Changes Can Make a World of Difference

This Thursday, 10AM GMT, I will be hosted by Dell’s Richard Douglas (blog|twitter) for a webcast. I will present my session called “Small Changes Can Make a World of Difference”, talking about a bunch of “small” features that were introduced in SQL Server 2012 and 2014, and can help DBAs a lot.

Among of the topics I’ll cover:

  1. IO throtteling with SQL Server 2014 Resource Governor

  2. Buffer Pool Extension to SSDs

  3. Online schema changes

  4. Partition Switch and Online Index Operations improvements

  5. Features that can boost productivity when working with SSMS

  6. SQL Server 2014 Delayed Durability

  7. What is sys.dm_exec_query_profiles and why it’s so revolutionary?

  8. and more..




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