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What I Expect From 24 Hours Of Pass

24 Hours of Pass is tomorrow. If you haven’t registered yet, now is a good time.

I expect to:

  1. Have little to no sleep time

  2. See some cool tricks like this one pulled out of someone’s sleeve

  3. Expand my troubleshooting and performance tuning arsenal

  4. Practice my architectural and database design skills

  5. Gain a better understanding about the capabilities of the various BI technologies

  6. Learn some more about the cloud

  7. Watch SQL Server 2012 improvements in action

  8. Write down some best practices people learnt

  9. Hear some valuable professional development tips

  10. Sharpen my presentation skills from a few of the best SQL Server professionals

All sessions look very interesting and will surely include very valuable information.

Based on past events, the sessions will probably be available for viewing on the Pass site a few weeks after the event.

Twitter will also be a nice place to follow during the event, under the #24hop tag.

See you there.




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