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What Our Customers Think about Us

Every year around December we send the Customer Satisfaction Survey to all of our active customers. By active customers I mean - customers whom we worked with in the past year.

One of our core values is Service. It is super important for us to provide the best possible service to our customers. Our goal with every customer is to provide a unique experience and make the customer say "Wow".

We do a lot of things to promote this value and to achieve this goal. We discuss service case studies internally to learn from each other, we strive to develop personal relationships with our customers, we constantly ask our customers if they are happy, and what we can do better.

And, of course, we send the survey once a year. The survey is a great way for us to measure ourselves in various aspects of the service experience, to see what we do well and what we need to improve.

So here are some numbers regarding the last survey that we sent last month. The survey was sent to 325 people from 87 different organizations. 61 people filled the survey. This is 19%, which is pretty standard for such surveys.

The survey includes 3 categories of questions with a scale of 1-6. The first category is about our services and solutions. The second category is about our team. And the last category includes 3 general, but very important questions:

  1. How well do you feel we understand your needs?

  2. How likely are you to recommend our services and solutions to a friend or colleague?

  3. Overall, how satisfied are you with Madeira Data Solutions?

Here are the results of this year (2021) compared to previous years:

The results are impressive, and we are very proud of them. We managed to improve our service over the years and maintain a high standard of service. I am especially proud of our team. Notice how they managed to improve in every aspect and receive an almost perfect score in 2021. It's amazing!

Here are some comments that customers wrote in the survey:

  • "I love the commitment, the attitude, and the availability of your team."

  • "Always willing to help. Very professional."

  • "High professional, high responsive, and help us to achieve our goals without spending too much money."

We have a standard formula to calculate the overall customer satisfaction score every year. The total score is a number on a scale of 0-100. Last year (2020) our goal was to reach a total score of over 90. We got a score of 94, up from 87 in 2019.

This year (2021) we had the same goal - to maintain the same level of service with a total score of at least 90.

Here is the total score:

We achieved our goal for 2021 big time. We scored 93, just a little bit less than the previous year.

I would like to thank our customers - especially those who took the time to fill the survey and tell us what they think. I would also like to thank our team for the wonderful job they do and for the great service they provide on a daily basis. Thank you!

We decided to raise the bar, and our goal for 2022 is to score at least 95. We want to hear our customers say "Wow".

Happy new year, everyone!




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