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Working with templates in Azure data factory

Pipeline templates in Azure data factory can save you time when creating a complex pipeline, and enable you to reuse code already developed by other people (or yourself).

There are two kinds of templates:

1. Gallery templates are created by Microsoft or Microsoft partners and enable you to use prebuild logic without authoring the pipeline yourself

2. Saving a pipeline as a template, you can reuse this template to create other pipelines, on the same data factory or another data factory

Using the template to create a new pipeline:

1. In Azure data factory, click the + sign under “factory resources” --> pipeline --> template gallery

2. In the template gallery, your can see Microsoft created templates, and also your own created templates

3. Choose a template and then click “Continue”

4. If your pipeline contains a reference to linked services (and they probably do), you can choose now which linked service to use with this template, or create new ones (by clicking the pencil icon)

5. Click “use this template”

Saving your own pipeline as a template:

1. After creating your pipeline, on the toolbox, click on “save as template”

2. Type the template name and description and click OK

3. Your template will no be available to create new pipelines from

Exporting a template to another data factory:

Under the “templates” folder, click the three dots and then click “export template”. The template is downloaded as a zip file.

Import a template on another data factory:

1. Click the + sign under “factory resources” --> pipeline --> import from pipeline template

2. Choose a zip file that contains the template

2. Choose which linked service to use, or create new ones (by clicking the pencil icon)

3. Click “use this template”




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