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SQL Server Review

Does your database suffer from 

performance issues?

Maximize your data center ROI 

Improve application performance & user experience

Prepare the system for future growth

Verify databases availability in case of a disaster

Comply with security regulations and best practices

Create and optimize your database maintenance plan

We analyze all aspects of your data environment, including performance, scalability, availability, security and maintainability. By following our recommendations, you will bring your system to a healthy state and maximize its full potential.

The SQL Server Review is composed of three phases: 





We begin with interviewing key role members in your organization, such as the CIO/CTO/CEO, lead developer, senior DBA, etc. Then, we collect information about the business environment, the system architecture, the applications involved, and more.

We also collect a large amount of data from your data center, including performance metrics, configuration settings, security settings, query statistics & database wait statistics.

We collect data at the operating system level, the instance level, and the database level.



Once we have enough data to work with, we analyze the data in order to understand the big picture as well as the small details. This is where our expertise and experience play an important role.

This analysis phase includes a deep investigation of the data as well as correlations between different metrics.

By the end of this phase, we know what’s going on with the data layer in your system.



In the last phase, we summarize our findings, add any additional references, and create a list of recommendations. We write a comprehensive technical report describing all our findings and recommendations.  Recommendations order is based on their impact.

It can include things like: compress certain indexes in order to save space and IO, rewrite certain queries in order to improve performance, adjust memory settings in order to improve resource utilization, etc.


We then meet with you, present the findings and recommendations, answer any questions you might have, and verify that you understand and that you are satisfied. We then decide together on the next step…


OK, What’s Next?

After we complete the SQL Server Review and make sure that you understand everything, the choice is yours;

we can implement the recommendations for you, or we can just help monitor your team.

If you choose the first option, we will agree with you on the scope, and then we’ll get to work. In addition to applying the recommendations, we will also provide detailed explanations and training to your team, so that they understand the process and can properly maintain the system going forward. 


Or we will train your team on how to implement the recommendations. Conduct a weekly online status meeting with your team, to monitor the progress of implementing the recommendations. During the meeting, we will provide detailed explanations and training, as needed. We will also prepare together with you an actionable to do list for the following week.

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