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Scale Out Data Replication

Are your databases overloaded and overwhelmed?


Your production database is completely overloaded and can barely move, but you need to run reports as well as keep the OLTP alive.  Your server is struggling, and you have a few more available, but the data are ultimately only in one place.  You have disparate servers in various locations to cover you in case one of them fails, but how do you get all the data synchronized among the locations so that they are available and useful for you in case of an outage?

For each of these problems, Replication can be your new best friend. 

Need those reports to run smoothly without incapacitating the production environment?  Replicate the data to another server and run the read-only reports off it. 

Want to free up some processing power on your server?  Configure Peer-to-Peer Replication for load balancing, and each server will synchronize the data with all the others.  Or keep the data safe by replicating them off-site in case of accidents.

With Madeira’s experts in configuring and maintaining the solution, you can take full advantage of SQL Server’s built-in features to give yourself breathing room.


At AOL in Tel Aviv, a number of central databases were completely overloaded with data.  Being one of the biggest video platforms in the world was overwhelming the databases and the data were unavailable.  What to do?  Call in Madeira and get the best in customized, designed solutions.

We sent in our replication master, Asaf Aviv.

Using the native SQL Server Replication technology, Asaf scaled out AOL’s operations and increased the size of the already-impressive video hosting architecture.  This new system was not only better equipped to handle its load, but had a lower latency as well.  In constantly adjusting and customizing the code, we are able to reduce latency further and further every month.

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Asaf Aviv
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