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Power (up) BI - Unleashing insights for the future
Power (up) BI - Unleashing insights for the future
12 בספט׳ 2023, 9:00
Tel Aviv-Jaffa
Join us for an exciting Power BI Frontal Meetup where we'll explore practical applications and best practices!
Can you make it?

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SQL Server Developer Tips That Can Save Your Ass

Guy Glantser

Don't miss these very important SQL Server developer tips:

How to use scalar user-defined functions and how to use table variables vs. temporary tables.

How to Reduce Your

Database Costs?

Guy Glantser

By the end of this session, you will have an actionable to-do list that you can apply to your data platform and save a lot of money for your business

How to HADR your SQL Server Jobs?

Eitan Blumin

How to make scheduled jobs run on the Primary server while having couple  of SQL Servers with a High Availability solution between them ?

Resource Governor – We’ve Got a New Sheriff in Town

Sagi Amichai

Learn about conventional and  potential usage of Resource Governor, the risks coming with this tool, and a short demonstration of it.

Tempdb is Not a

Public Toilet!

Vitaly Bruk

Be respectful to your Tempdb, monitor and optimize Tempdb in order to reduce performance problems and response times for the whole system.

How to Use Parameters Like a Pro & Boost Performance?

Guy glantser

How to identify performance problems caused by poor parameter handling, and many techniques for solving these problems to boost your application performance.

How to Leverage Parallelism in SQL Server?

Vitaly Bruk

Watch how SQL Server works with Parallelism, what are the default values and what they affect.



Noa Brodezky & Evyatar Karni

Ola Hallengren developed the best free maintenance solution for SQL Server.

Our team developed a new feature as an extension to  for managing database file size growth and shrink.

Database Unit Testing

Sagi Vaknin

How to effectively plan and implement database unit testing using SSDT. Learn  about various test types, and  how this process can be automated and used as part of CI/CD.

sp_Blitz – Free Health Check Script from Brent Ozar

Sagi Vaknin

Fast, easy, free health check that flags common issues in seconds, and for each warning, gives you a link to a web page with more in-depth advice.

The Most Important Performance Factor in SQL Server

Guy Glantser

All about statistics. What they are? how they are created and updated? how we can track and manage them? Multi-column statistics, filtered statistics, incremental statistics and more.

Why you should attend our webinars...

Live Q&A

In addition to the main content, you will have the opportunity to ask questions and receive answers directly from Madeira Data team.

Thought Provoking

We'll not simply present, but also demonstrate through actual examples to help you think about your data different.

Positive Energy

We know things are hard right now, but we also believe that with a strong sense of community, positivity and strategic prowess, we can get through this together!

It's Free :)

Our Training are usually tailor maid for our clients. These free sessions are a one time offer to help you get through this challenging times.

We look forward to connecting with you!

If you have any questions, reach out to us: 

call +972 9 7400101, or email

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