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How to Leverage Parallelism in SQL Server?

 SQL Server has the ability to generate parallel execution plans, which take advantage of multiple cores and execute queries in parallel.

There are two settings that highly affect the efficiency of this parallelism. We are talking about Max Degree of Parallelism (MAXDOP) and Cost Threshold for Parallelism (CTFP). Unfortunately, the default values for these settings are not optimal for most workloads.

In our last webinar, I presented how SQL Server works with Parallelism, what are the default values and what they affect.

We also learned why it is advisable to adjust the settings to the workloads of the specific database, what nuances to consider when changing the values, and what to take under account.

We continue with our series of free live webinars in Hebrew. Streaming every Tuesday, at 11:00, during the COVID-19 quarantine

If you followed those recommendations, please share with me the results. I believe you will experience significant performance improvement

As promised, here are all session materials including the demo.

For the session recording, click on the video below to listen or go to our You Tube channel

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