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My Thoughts about SQL Server 2014

SQL Server 2014 is coming. Go ahead and download the public CTP.

I’ve just started getting my hands dirty with the new version. Based on that and on the stuff that has already been published, here’s a few thoughts:

SQL Server 2014 is Mature

Microsoft takes care of a few open edges here: Columnstore Index is now updateable, online index operations can now work for a single partition, improved locking during partition management is added, and resource governor can now control IO. With other improvements to AlwaysOn and to query plans, it’s a very mature product.

SQL Server 2014 is “Classic Database” Focused

The last few versions were more BI focused (some more, some less). Also, the emerging cloud era and the rise of Azure could make one fear Microsoft neglects the classic on-premise versions.

Well, SQL 2014 proves it’s not true. The new and improved features in this version, and especially Hekaton, show Microsoft still cherish the good old on-premise product.

Nonetheless, we still get better integration with Azure, which supports what Grant Fritchey and Buck Woody say – the future is in hybrid solutions.

Also, although it’s not a BI focused version, we still get two amazing features – GeoFlow (now called “Power Map”) and Data Explorer (now called “Power Query”).

SQL Server 2014 is Aware of what’s Going on

Microsoft is aware of the various technologies out there that enable fast loading and data retrieval. I don’t say it out of knowing, but I assume it was somewhere in the back their heads when they developed Hekaton, Columnstore Index and the ability to cache stuff on SSD’s. This also shows they are very aware of the massive hardware changes that occur lately. Without a doubt, it seems they did a good job.

SQL Server 2014 is Awesome!

It’s an exciting version. go download it, experiment and share what you think.



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