Send e-mails from Azure Data Factory with Azure Logic App

(Part 3/3 of “Getting started with Azure Data Factory”)

Author: Eric Rouach, DBA at Madeira Data Solutions

Date: April 2022

In this demo, I’ll show you how to use an Azure Logic App to alert on an ADF pipeline failure by sending an e-mail.


-An Azure subscription

-An Azure SQL Server

-An Azure SQL database

-An Azure Data Factory

-Completion of parts 1 and 2 of “Getting started with Azure Data Factory”: (part1) (part 2)

Use case:

Our use-case is quite simple: we’ll create a test table in our Azure SQL database and use an ADF pipeline to execute a stored procedure that inserts a row into the test table. Our goal is to create an alert in case of ADF pipeline run failure by calling a Logic App.

Let’s get started!

At this point, let’s assume you have already logged into your Azure SQL Server using SSMS:

Open a new query window using one of the existing databases and create a test table by running the following query: