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T-SQL Tuesday 126 - Responding to COVID-19

Updated: May 13, 2020

This month’s #tsql2sday is hosted by the legendary Glenn Berry (b|t), and asks us about what we’ve been doing as a response to COVID-19. Madeira Data Solutions did quite a lot to chip in during these difficult times. Hopefully, it’s enough to make some kind of difference.

We at Madeira Data Solutions strongly believe in the value of knowledge sharing, and we’re proud of several steps we’ve taken in this regard during this hectic April (with more planned for May and beyond!).

Free Live Webinars

A long list of people (mostly in Israel, naturally), have registered and participated, and we have a whole lot more planned for future sessions.

Speaking of free live webinars, it's worth mentioning that I had the pleasure and privilege of delivering a session during Data Community Weekender Europe (which is an amazing community initiative in and of itself):

Madeira Toolbox Going Open-Source

It’s publicly available to anyone, and you can even use GitHub issues to submit feedback, requests, bug reports. And, if you feel like contributing, you can also fork the repository and create pull requests!

WhatsApp Group with Free Consulting

This is one of our activities that we’re most proud of.

Our full roster of professional consultants are in that group, and we’re happy to help out with any technical questions related to the Microsoft Data Platform and share our wealth of knowledge.

The group has gathered surprising popularity, and we’re getting some very interesting questions and discussions going there.

SQL Server Radio Podcast

Our own SQL Server Radio podcast is published every month in two languages: English and Hebrew.

Incidentally, we’ve talked about this kind of topic during this month’s episodes, so check them out!

Blog Posts

We have always tried to churn out some of our tasty SQL Server and Data Platform knowledge quite regularly. But it has been a long while since the last time we’ve pushed the pedal to the metal this hard.

Our April was extremely productive, with increased blog post traffic from myself, as well as from Guy Glantser, and from Vitaly Bruk. Our other consultants also contributed significantly in the form of blog posts, live webinars, useful T-SQL scripts and tools, and helping people out in our WhatsApp group (as previously mentioned above). So, everyone is chipping in.

We still have a lot more to contribute during this May and beyond, so stay tuned!

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Glenn Berry
Glenn Berry
12 may 2020

Thank you for this blog post and thank you for all you have done as a response to COVID-19!

Me gusta


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