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What can organizations benefit from online training?

During the COVID-19 pandemic, many organizations have put their teams' professional training plans on hold but soon learned that while they could not be somewhere physically, it didn't mean they couldn't provide their employees an ongoing, high-quality training.

Besides the direct benefit of keeping your business continuity and having your teams get trained, online training also reduced the costs and availability for more prominent groups to participate. For that reason, many businesses keep conducting online courses and training even in markets that are already open for in-person events.

Online courses Increase retention rates by 25%-60%

(source: Shift)

The recorded session can be used by participants who had to miss a class and the opportunity to revisit the training as needed.

It can also be used for onboarding new employees, so your investment keeps on giving.

How ERN changed the Way Their Dev Team Operates?

A few months ago, we delivered an "Advanced Programming and Query Tuning in SQL Server" course to the Dev team at ERN.

This course takes programming and query tuning in SQL Server from the basic level to the advanced, providing students with tools and techniques that will allow them to write code for a broad range of requirements while optimizing performance, and on the other hand, optimize the performance of existing SQL Server queries and processes. The students analyzed different case studies throughout the course while comparing several approaches and choosing the best solutions.

It took some convincing and the pandemic going longer to convince the team that this would be efficient.

As we do in all of our online training, the participants got to keep all the course recordings and opened a WhatsApp group from day one. They used it extensively and received free consulting from our trainer along the way.

"An online course didn't seem to be the right solution at first, but it turned out that it worked more efficiently than expected, with the proper preparation," said Yaniv cohen, ERN CTO

"As a manager with developer experience and DBA training, I knew exactly what my developers (actually any developer) needed.

It was essential to improve developer query writing skills and write how DBA thinks and not how a developer thinks.

We also aimed to give them an understanding and tools for improving performance in SQL, almost at the DBA level.

There is no doubt that the course met both goals and the results are shown in the day-to-day work of the staff. So we are very pleased with the results."

It's all about flexibility!

You choose the time, the duration, and the topics you are most interested in, and we will build the perfect training for your needs.

Our team of experts is passionate about training! Don't believe us? Check out those free webinars we've been conducting for the last year and our ongoing Data Platform Meetups. We are looking forward to helping you take your teams' data platform knowledge to the next level.

Need to hear more? have a topic that your team is struggling with?

Contact us, and we will help you find the perfect solution.

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1 Comment

Jun 04

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